Tag It!

Tags are just such a great item to have around the house and they can be used for so many different things. Most people are oblivious to many tricks that name tags can offer someone at home. Some think that they either only for labelling books, or for wearing at conferences but oh boy are they wrong, here are a few great ways to use these tags.

If you’re one of those people that who just can’t keep a drawer or cupboard nice and neat, then maybe you should start tagging them. You can separate the things that you put into your drawers and cupboards one afternoon and just to keep yourself from slipping up and making a mess of everything again, you can label each of the cupboards and drawers according to what you put inside of them. This will really help keep everything in order because you’ll always have that label reminding you that certain things just don’t belong in that specific drawer.

You can buy a few plain name tags from a stationary shop near you and use them in the kitchen. I don’t mean that you should go label your cutlery, but you could use them to label leftovers in the fridge and other foods that you keep in containers around the house.

Name tags are great for labelling books. Most labels are made for school books, but you can use them to label your reading books as well. You can put your name and postal address on the tag in case you happen to forget it on the Ghan one day, or even in a coffee shop. This way you know that if someone finds your book, they can post it to you.

If you have kids, then you know just how irritating it is when they come home with one less item of clothing because they lost, and you have to buy a new one because they cannot find it in the lost and found. By putting tags on your children’s clothing you know that other kids will think twice before stealing your child’s things and that if they just misplace it, it will be easy to identify when you do find it, or when someone else finds it.

By using name tags you can ensure that nothing goes missing for too long. These tags could be every Aussie mum’s new best friend, and best of all, you can print them yourself.