Tasks Licenced Plumbers Can Do

Licensure is a process that makes a professional qualified to perform their tasks based on certain standards imposed by the government and an organisation responsible for overseeing an industry. A licenced professional therefore is given the authority to perform his/her craft with expertise based on the standards set by the body.

Australian plumbers are expected to pass the licensure to be qualified to handle complicated plumbing tasks. If you try and ensure that the plumber you choose has the right experience, here are the tasks that you can expect them to do:

  • Sanitary pipe works and fixtures – A licenced plumber can address the planning and installation of sanitary pipelines along with its valves and other fixtures. They can also fix leaks, breakages and other problems in the sanitary sewers.
  • Sanitary drainage systems – They can attend to the faulty drainage pipeline that transports the waste water to septic tanks.
  • Hot and cold water service and systems – Professional plumber can install and repair defective pipes where hot and cold water runs.
  • Stormwater drainage systems – Plumbers can also fix problems in the drainage systems on the road, especially if there is clogging.
  • Domestic treatment plant disposal system – He is also qualified to set up and repair septic tanks in houses.
  • Set up and maintain backflow prevention devices – Backflow prevention devices are used to keep potable water supply from being contaminated by pollutants because of a backflow. Any damage in this device may cause diseases. Any licenced plumber is competent to fix any problems in this device.
  • Carry out work with risk control and safety in mind – They see to it that their companions are safe from accidents and other work-related hazards.
  • Ability to estimate the cost of work – Plumber knows the financial aspects of his craft, an intelligent estimation of costs and how much he should charge from his clients.
  • Install consumer gas pipes – Other plumbers are also trained to install and fix gas line.
  • Service some gas appliances – He can also repair and restore some gas appliances, especially their pipe linings.

As you can see, licenced plumbers can provide various services to their clients. So, the next time you need to hire a professional plumber, make sure he is duly licenced and certified.