Termite Inspection – Make Money off of Bugs!

Are you disgusted by bugs? Don’t be! You can harness these little critters to make yourself more money. Whether it’s insect farming, beehive keeping or termite inspection, you can make more than just a few extra dollars from these insects! Here are some options you can try.

  1. Cricket Farming. Household crickets are the most common type of cricket for human consumption. They usually live up to eight weeks. They are fed high protein animal feed up to twenty days old. A few days before harvesting, they are fed vegetables and other leaves to improve their taste and save money instead of feeding them expensive high protein animal food.
  2. Mealworm Farming. Mealworms must be kept at a temperature of 23.9-26.7 C. Wood containers must be avoided as mealworms will simply eat through these and escape. Mealworms also require adequate ventilation. They should be kept on a bedding of wheat with maize, cornmeal or other nutritional powders. Fruits or vegetables are also added on top of the bedding for moisture. These fruits and vegetables should be changed regularly to avoid mold growth contamination.
  3. Silk farming. Silk farming or sericulture involves growing silk worms for silk production. The larvae of the silkworm are fed with mulberry leaves. After the 4th molt, they climb twigs that are placed close to them then spin their silk cocoons. The cocoons are composed of continuous filaments made of the protein fibroin from the larval salivary glands. There is also sericin which cements the cocoons together. The cocoons are placed in hot water to make them ready for reeling, a process known as degumming. Immersion in hot water also kills silkworm pupae. The single filaments are then combined to form threads and wound into reels.
  4. Beekeeping. By keeping hives and growing bees, you can culture their wax, honey or other products. You can also sell bees to other beekeepers. There are two types of beekeeping: Traditional and Modern. Traditional beekeeping involves the use of a fixed comb hive where the comb hives cannot be removed without permanently damaging the comb. These are more common in developing countries. Modern beekeeping uses movable frame hives or top-bar hives. Movable frame hives are more for honey production while top-bar hives are more concerned with the presence of bees rather than honey. Protective clothing and a bee smoker are musts in this business.
  5. Termite Extermination. In being a termite exterminator, you have to have skills in termite inspection Brisbane. It requires knowledge on the termites’ life cycles and way of life. Termite inspection also includes knowing where termites usually live and how their colonies look like. Extermination requires knowledge on the types of drugs or chemicals you’re going to use. Whether it be termite killing or termite inspection, being an exterminator is surely a lucrative business.