The Miracle Island

We all have some experiences, people and things that keeps lingering in our minds. They are what bring laughter on our faces even when you are troubled. I would share such a memorable experience in tour packages Sri Lanka that we had last year during summer.

The firm I work with decided to give us a two week vacation and my colleagues and I decided to spend a week in Sri Lanka before going to see our families. The company had paid for all workers flight to and from the Serene. We began the tour package to Sri Lanka on Sunday early in the morning. All of us had been yearning to finally land at airport and visit various scenes during our tour.

It’s evident that the magical isle presents various attractive sceneries to both local and foreign tourist. We were taken to Wilpattu National park and there were many animals that we used to see in books or television and for the first time most of us saw elephants face to face. We were given specialized team of tour guides who for the first day took as through the wildlife section. It was a day well spent and we eagerly waited to see what was in store for us the second day.

The second day of our tour package in Sri Lanka was mainly spent in the beach. We enjoyed sand bathing using rare sand and various coastal meals, unique species of fish was our main servings. It was first time to enjoy swimming in salty water for some of us

We really enjoyed romance with nature during our tour package in Sri Lanka and by the end of the sixth day we still wanted to stay more days. During our visit to Kandy, words can’t explain the beautiful arrangement of hills. There many cultural landmarks that we saw during our tour and the accommodation of Sri Lanka can’t be compared to any other place I have ever visited. We really thank the people of that isle for being hospitable to us for we managed to go through Colombo, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Negambo and Ayurveda.

It was a magical journey to the magical isle and we indeed enjoyed our tour package to Sri Lanka. Memories are made to last forever and the photos in my phone gallery reminds me of the tour so when am annoyed I just take time to go through them and smile. I advise all who have never visited this beautiful isle to make an attempt to have their own experience.