The Types Of Carpet Cleaning

There are different kinds of cleaning the carpet and each kind will make the carpets clean and free from allergens such as pet danders and mites. The carpet cleaners will be the ones to decide which kind of carpet cleaning to use based on your location and the level of dirt. If you are wondering why you need to look for professional carpet cleaners, well it is because the carpets are hard to clean and the need to use the industrial types of vacuum cleaner and cleaning solutions is necessary.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning method

This is also referred to as steam carpet cleaning method. The procedure involves the application of cleaning solutions and then the carpets are agitated to loose out the dirt and then it is followed by rinsing. The steam from the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpets and kill the allergens. Since the steam is used, it means that the carpets are dried out at a much faster time.

Carpet shampoo carpet cleaning method

This method used to be very popular during the past because it is very effective in cleaning the carpets as well as removing the bad smell. However, this method takes a long time for the carpets to get dried. Thus, this is not as popular anymore.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning method

Synthetic detergents are used to clean the carpets. The synthetic detergents are applied on the carpets and then the carpets will be agitated to loose out the dirt which will then adhere to the synthetic detergents which are formed into capsules, thus, it is referred to as encapsulation. Then the capsules are vacuumed leaving the carpets clean and hygienic. This is preferred by many because the carpets are not soaked with water and thus, drying time is fast.

Dry carpet cleaning method

This method is very popular since it dries out the carpets at the fastest time. It involves the application of a cleaning powder on the carpets with the aid of a motorized brush so the cleaning powder will go deep into the fibers of the carpets. The motorized brush will loosen up the fibers of the carpets. The powder cleaning is biodegradable and it is very effective in sucking up all the dirt from the carpets. Te dry carpet cleaning method is highly recommended for all the types of carpets and safe to be done both in homes and offices.

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