Things To Do One Month Before You Move

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of packing make you forget any of the important things.

Here are the things you need to do before you move:


People wait until the last minute before they pack. Thinking that the work can be finished in a brief time. This is what you need to avoid. Packing your things days before you move can lead to getting thing rushed leading to potential breakage of items. You can also be overwhelmed with the number of things you have, creating more stress if you don’t start early. So, one month before you move, start packing. You can make a list to not lost on track and to make sure that there are no things that you will leave.

Forward mail

One of the most common problems people experience after moving in is some of their mails go to the old address. However, this can be prevented by sending the notice to the post office ahead of time. Doing so, will eliminate delivery issues and ensure you that there are no important letters you will miss.

Change Your Address

This is mostly forgotten, but so important. Before your moving day, make a list of all the people and companies you have subscriptions with, and tell them all that you’re changing address. Some of these are your electric company, water, gas, etc.

Organise and Store Important Documents

After you unpack all your belongings, there’s a chance that you’ll find things go missing especially if you don’t plan the packing process well. Don’t let this happen to your important documents. A month before, take care of all your documents including, bank, sensitive personal information, etc. and store these papers in a safe place.

Look for a Removalist

The best removals companies got the book early. That’s why it is important to talk to them ahead of time. When choosing, ask them a lot of questions like if they have a free quote? How much is their rate? And If they offer insurance? If you are in Brisbane, your best choice is Redcliffe removals. No job is too big or small for them. Moreover, they use the most efficient and cost effective way transportation.