Things to Do When Spending Time on Norfolk Island’s Ocean

The wonders of the ocean are amazing in Norfolk Island thanks to the clear blue water that’s present there, and it’s just fun to take a swim while you’re on vacation. There are lots of activities that you can enjoy there in Norfolk Island’s ocean, and there are different features that are being offered in the different beaches that you can check out there. These come in the form of water activities, and we’re not just talking about simple swimming; but rather awesome activities that will make you feel that your vacation is very memorable.

The following water activities are based on the different things that people do as they visit Norfolk Island’s oceans. Here are the following:


Kayaking is an amazing experience as it will test out your muscles, as well as make you cooperate with your partner as you stroll around the seas with a decent boat. There are lots of resorts out there that offer this amazing feature, and it will get you into an adventure that you may have never been to before!


If you want to explore the deep parts of the ocean, make sure that you go for this feature. It’s also present in most of the major beaches in the island, and it will surely provide you a brand new adventure in a world that’s not common to the eyes of the people. You will see a lot of corals and fishes underwater, and rest assured that you’re going to love the refreshing experience that it beholds.

Sports Events

If you want to experience a type of water sport, then the island also has those events present for your needs. The canoe challenge that happens annually in the island can be joined by almost everyone who’s interested, and that will surely bring you up towards a nice challenge, and a good way to do some teamwork with your friends.


If you want to go extreme, you can always consider surfing. There are instances where the waves are high on the island, and that’s a great time for you to start exploiting those waves using a surfboard. That will surely guarantee you a very nice way to enjoy a new sport for your experiences. Just be sure to watch out for the very high waves if you’re a beginner.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do on the seas of Norfolk Island, and if you just want to take a simple swim, then do so. So be sure to get your luxury accommodation Norfolk Island Australia for you to finally experience these awesome activities!