Tips To Help Make Your Child’s Dentist Visit Easier

A trip to the dentist isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do; however, there are some things that you can do to make it easier on your children. Having healthy teeth should be on the important things to have list, but this means a trip to dental clinic Brisbane once every six months. Here are some tips to help make the next trip easier than usual.

Pick the Right Dentist

The dentist that you normally go to may not be the right fit for your child. A pediatric dental office is a great option since the staff are comfortable working with young children. Many staff members are better at connecting with children, and are able to work even if your child is a wiggle worm. Many dentists give children toothbrushes and toothpaste at the end of the appointment. There are many toothbrushes that are designed for children, and can help create good habits while they are young.

Simple Language

You do not need to give a long explanation about what the trip will be like. Try to keep it as simple as possible, and explain that the dentist is going look at their teeth, and clean their teeth for them. This is not the time to talk about getting a filling or tooth cap applied, or even having wisdom teeth out.

Be Flexible

You may end up being more overwhelmed about the visit than your child is, so it is important to try to stay calm and flexible about the appointment. Most dentists have worked with many young children, and may think that best option for your child is for you to head back out to the waiting room. Your dentist is a professional, and knows what is best for your child’s visits. Be ready to come back into the office if your child needs you, or when the appointment is over.

Avoid Bribing

Going to the dentist should not mean that your child should get a treat from you, most offices have a toy chest or sticker collection for your child to pick from. You should avoid turning the visit into a big deal. A dentist visit should be like a doctor visit, and about their health, not about getting a new toy. There is fun brushing apps that you can use to make brushing more engaging, until they are able to brush their teeth without needing the app. This can take different amounts of times for each child, so give it time, or you may end up doing it for them until they are old enough.