Important Tips Regarding Installation of Brick Pavers

Before you get excited in installing your new pavers, you must keep in mind it’s far from being a simple task. If you want it to be a successful project, you’ll need to keep these tips in mind:

Do work with a renowned supplier. Perhaps the most important thing to do in this project is to work with a supplier known for their excellent materials. You won’t get your desired results if you work with a supplier that employs substandard practices. You may save money by buying cheap materials but your project will be underwhelming. It’s better to invest in products from well-known brands. You may be spending a lot more than you originally thought but you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Don’t forget to mark all underground utilities. Once all your materials are ready, you’re ready to begin the paving process. Before starting the excavation process, mark all underground utilities so you don’t hit them by accident. You’ll be causing problems if you accidentally hit the phone and gas lines.

Do use precision when spacing the pavers. From the very start, the pavers should be laid out with absolute precision. To maintain a straight edge, use a landscaping tape. Otherwise, it would be best to use a measuring tape. In this process, one tiny mistake can result in a big setback. So, be sure everything is accurate.

Don’t compact bedding sand. To keep your pavers properly in place, you’ll need the sand to be loose. However, that won’t happen if you compacted the bedding sand after it has been poured on the base materials.

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