Top Reasons for Mulching

This is one of the things that you can do best for the garden. This is the procedure wherein you apply a mulch covering over the soil as a protective barrier against insects, against weather, and also for added nutrients. Mulching is normally done after the tree pruning and tree removal procedures. The barks and the leaves and the other parts of the plants are mulched in order to provide the protective barrier and the nutrients for the soils. The benefits of availing the mulching services are the following:

By applying a layer of mulch over the soils will effectively control the growth of weeds. You know how fast weeds grow and totally eliminating the weeds is quite impossible. But through the process of mulching, the weeds are not encouraged to grow and multiply because of controlled lighting.

By applying a layer of mulch over the soils, the moisture level will be controlled. The mulch will effectively limit the process of evaporation and this is very beneficial for the soils especially during the summer months. Through the process of mulching, you can even save time watering the plants and you can also save money as your watering will be reduced.

If you have erosion issues in your garden, then apply a layer of mulch and you will notice how effective it is in controlling the issue of erosion. The mulch will hold the rain water and being so, it will stop the rain from washing the soil away. It will greatly reduce the force of rain water and thus, it eliminates the issue of erosion.

The best and the safest fertilizer to use is the organic type and you can get this through the process of mulching. Once the tree barks and the dried leaves begin to rot, this will eventually become more nutritious for the soils and the plants.

The mulch can also control the infestation of pests. The mulch releases oil which the insects find very unattractive and thus, the insects will look for other areas to propagate.

Through the process of mulching, you can even make the garden look more attractive. The empty spaces can be filled with mulch and thus, it will even make the garden look lusher.

If you need the services of tree removal and tree pruning, call us and we will extend our services to mulching so you can enjoy the many benefits of mulch in your garden.