Types of Concrete Cutters

When it comes to construction projects, concrete is the most common and durable material used, but which is also hard to penetrate because of its strength. But there is a need for safety in all premises in order to avoid injuries and accidents from happening which can be caused by pipelines and wirings. And that is why there is a need to keep these things hidden from people to minimise the threats that these can possibly provide.

There is no doubt that concrete cutters are very important in all construction projects in order to keep the safety of the premises high, but there is a need for you to know the type of concrete cutters. This is for the purpose of knowing which type you should implement for specific structures and these are the following:

Core Drilling. This type of concrete cutter is used in order to create openings and holes in your concrete structures for the purpose of being the way where your water and gas pipelines will be placed inside and as well as your electrical wirings and ventilation. But like any other services, core drilling should only be done by a professional core drilling operator in order to have precise results because that operator will surely be trained and skilled.

Concrete Wall Sawing. This type makes use of blades that are a circular form that is located on the track-mounted machine which allows the saw to climb your concrete walls and has the ability to also cut your concrete ceilings. When it comes to concrete structures that are between 16 and 36 inches thick, this type of concrete cutter is usually being used.

Diamond Sawing. The outputs that this type of concrete cutter is more precise than what other types provide that is why there are also a lot of project managers choose to have this in their construction projects. This will also make the project done faster than the expected schedule which is really helpful and beneficial to the whole project when it comes to time and money.

Wire Sawing. When it comes to concrete structures that are larger or bigger, this type of concrete cutter is used because of the tiny diamond segments that are placed on the pulleys that are attached to the drives. And that this should also be done by a professional operator expert on that field.

Flat Sawing. This type can usually be observed when it comes to pavements, floors, and bridge decks. There are saws that are being used in this type that are placed on a cart that are pushed back from behind. This type is used for the purpose of hiding all of the water and gas pipelines and electrical wirings that you have on your property.

All types of the concrete cutters are used in order to break through all of the concrete structures that you have at home in order to place and hide all of the pipelines and wirings that you have so that it will not be a problem in your premises. But these services need to only be done and operated by professional operators in order to get the job done so that the whole project will become a success.