Types Of Blinds

Blinds are commonly used as window covers, they feature slats that can be angled or filtered to direct light into a room. You have full control when using blinds, not only on controlling the sunlight that enters the house but as well as ensuring your privacy.

Below are the different types of window blinds that you can choose from:

Wood blinds

• This is considered to be a modern approach to shutters, this offers an inviting and warm look.

• They are available either in dark or light hues and can be painted or have polished finishes.

• If you want to achieve a completely earthly ambiance, choosing slats that are made of bamboo is your best option.

Faux wood blinds

• This is more sturdy and is highly moisture resistant compared to real wood.

• This is your best choice to put in places that are high in humidity, including the bathroom, kitchen or garage.

Vertical blinds

• A budget friendly option yet carries on durability. These are a perfect fit to windows that are wider.

• This is a practical choice yet can give you maximum control of light.

• This is highly recommended on houses with sliding doors.

Aluminium blinds

• A perfect choice to those who are looking for elegance and style. This is perfect in the bedroom and living room.

• It is usually made of either 6 or 8 gauge aluminium.

• Typically the size ranges from 1/2 inch to 2-inch blinds.

Thermal blinds

• This is one of the best types of a window shade. It is eco-friendly. It conserves your energy and can give you a warm space while blocking or filtering light.

Natural fabrics

• They are usually made of cotton materials, it will give you an inviting and soft environment by allowing just the right amount of light.

• Expect light filtering during day time and complete privacy during the night.

• A perfect choice for kitchens, living room and dining rooms.

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