Unique Features Of Tourism In Fiji

You may have heard stories from friends and read magazines that talk about Fiji. While there are interesting things, some of these characteristics border on the strange. The biggest benefit is the fact that you can visit the country today and still witness some of the strange happenings that characterized the country centuries ago.

From culture to climate, tourism, infrastructure, nature, and the people’s way of living, Fiji is an extraordinary place that you will not want to miss in your lifetime. Let your children join you in the tour and benefit from attractions that most Fiji family resorts have. Consider the following interesting facts.

A collection of islands

There is perhaps no other country in the world made up of as many islands as Fiji. The South Pacific country boasts of more than 330 islands. While there are many small islands, the largest of them is Viti Levu, sitting at an area of over 4,000 square miles. For this reason, you will 70 per cent of the country’s total population here. The second largest island is Vanua Levu, measuring some 2,100 square miles.

Mountains and volcanoes

When you visit, spare some time out of your Fiji family resorts, and witness some of the best natural occurrences anywhere. For example, you will see mountains in the shape of perfect cones. For this reason, mountain climbing is one of the activities that most tourists love.

The tallest mountain is an extinct volcano called Mount Tomanivi whose tallest point is at 4,341 feet above sea level. Thanks to the rich volcanic soils, there is abundant plant life in the forests. Prepare your hiking gear and you will see some of the world’s beautiful flowers and vegetation.

Village culture

The value of community and family is still a very important thing for most natives of Fiji. You will see them congregate around their villages especially in the evenings to share a meal, pray and crack jokes. The most amazing thing is the fact that they will let you join the fun. While there, learn a few words and phrases in their local dialect.

There used to be cannibals

A long time ago, natives of Fiji used to practice cannibalism. Although the practice was abandoned centuries ago, you can still witness remains of this practice in the country’s archives. Leave your Fiji family resorts and walk into various museums. You will see real human remains saved from cannibals and preserved thousands of years ago.

Warm reception

You may not come across friendlier people than Fijians. Their belief in community and family values will strike you most. When you come out of your Fiji family resorts and venture into the villages, expect children to offer to show you around.