Ways to Slash Off Wedding Costs

Few months before the big day, you did the computation for the expenses. You found out that you have a limited budget so you end up cancelling some of the services. But you know what, your wedding doesn’t need to look cheap just to save money. It can be as elegant and fun without screwing your bank account.

What should be your priority

To make the planning organise, list down the major services that are needed in the celebration. Make this a priority before anything else. If there are extra money, then that’s the time to avail additional services.

  • Venue

It’s important to decide where you want the reception to take place. If you’re on a tight budget, you can just invite a small number of people or the closest friends and family you have to the event. There are small function venues available in Melbourne such as Dreux Bar, where elegance is not sacrificed. It’s definitely affordable but not the average reception. They have French provincial room with chandeliers and vintage furniture to impress guests.

  • Catering

Food is one of the main refreshments in the wedding. To save a little, you can set your wedding in the afternoon and serve only finger foods, pasta, and wine. Refrain from serving overflowing drinks or alcohol as it becomes expensive. There are catering services that are not particularly pricey, you can make a list and do a taste test.

  • Photography

You may think this is a lavish service for a wedding but the truth is, photography is a necessity. This serves as the lasting memory of your wedding so you have to invest to this. You can check out the portfolio of photographers and see which style meets your standard.

Don’t settle for anything less and be creative. There are alternative options you can avail to slash off the wedding costs. Contact Dreux Bar for affordable small function venues. Visit their website to find out more. See http://www.dreux.com.au/.