Important People in the Web Design and Development Team

As a famous saying goes, “There is no I in TEAM.” Everyone equally plays an important role in the overall success of the organisation they belong in. It’s also about time that people become aware of the experts in a web development and design team who work on different specific areas of a website construction.

Below are the important people that make up a website design and development team:

  • Requirements Analyst

Requirements analyst are the people you’ll be talking to when hiring a website design and development team. They are in-charge of knowing the functional requirements such as the purpose and function of the different parts of your website, later discussing it with them to the rest of the team. The job of requirements analysts not only ends with determining what your business needs, but also the raw requirements where you’ll brainstorm what should be present in every page of your website to attract, engage and convert your potential customers.

  • UX and UI Developers

UX Developers are responsible for gathering functional user requirements. By creating user personas that fit a specific target audience, they help provide relevant content to the website’s audience.

UI Developers, on the other hand, are responsible for the overall aesthetic look and style of the website. They handle tasks such as selection of fonts, images and short animations.

  • Web Developers

Web developers are basically the skeletal system of the entire website design and development team. They put together all the ideas, design and content by establishing the codes to make a functional website. Web developers are also the ones who sort out any bugs that could prevent a website from functioning properly.

  • Content Specialists

Designs help attract potential customers to your website but content keeps them. It’s best to hire an experienced professional writer to provide the overall content of your website. One with an inbound marketing experience is a plus because they know how to make a persuasive copy that will bring new customers and sustain the loyal ones. Lastly, they must have a keen eye for detail.

Setting up a website takes a lot of hard work, but not when you’ve got a great team working with you to open more doors for your business. Contact website design and development and see what this team can do for you.