On Your Wedding: Wedding Cakes vs. Wedding Cupcakes

It has been said that wedding cakes are the primary centerpiece in the wedding reception. This must be the reason why as you plan for your wedding day, the wedding cake is one of the things that receive utmost attention and importance. Things have changed a lot, and these days, there are some brides and grooms that choose a tower of cupcakes instead of tiers of cake for their wedding. Now, you might be wondering if you should stick to the traditional wedding cake of head on over and choose the newest trend – wedding cupcakes.

Visual element. Let’s face it, traditional wedding cakes could be far more flexible, since it can be made into any shape and size that you want. In addition to that, you can also put adornments and decorations to it that would perfectly fit into your wedding theme. As for cupcakes, although there are some creativity that can be done, like the way they are stacked in the holder, you might have limited options on how to make it look like grand.

Price. Budget is one of the essential factors in these cases, and wedding cupcakes are no doubt the winner when it comes to price. You can just provide a certain number of cupcakes depending on how many guests you have. Compared to serving slices of cakes to all of your guests, then definitely, cupcakes are quite inexpensive.

Taste – this is quite hard to decide, as both cakes and cupcakes can be as sweet and tasty all the same, depending on how they were done. Wedding cupcakes can definitely provide exquisite flavors as well just like the traditional wedding cake.

Formality – traditional wedding cakes provide the air of formality, since you have to eat it using plates and fork. If you have a formal wedding reception, then the traditional wedding cake is recommended for you. However, if you are hosting a laidback reception, wherein the ultimate purpose is just to have fun, then wedding cupcakes are the best. They are easier to eat because you don’t need plate and fork to eat them.

Clearly, both traditional decoration wedding cakes Brisbane and decoration wedding cupcake have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on how they are being introduced in your reception. However, you can also choose to have both of them, combining the tiered cakes and the cupcake tower. It is definitely up to you on how you would make your big day as glamorous as possible.