What Is Engineered Timber Flooring

If ever you are looking for a great floor that is stable, easy to install, beautiful and will last long you really need to have carpet and engineered timber flooring. This will able to help you with your flooring needs, it really provides great flooring that is durable. Everything you need in flooring service is you really get when you use this kind of flooring. That is why most homeowners that are looking for a great floor really invest in this kind of flooring because of its durability and a lot more benefits that it can give to you. That is why this kind of flooring became popular in most homeowners.

Engineered timber flooring is made of timber vaneers that were glued together that can sometimes come on a 90 degree angle that will give extra strength and stability to the user. The top player of this kind of flooring is called the finishing or the face layer and it has a 4mm thickness that made up from a real timber like the merbau, spotted gum, blackbutt and so on. Sometimes, the flooring can also be made from a plywood, hardwood that has a finishing layer of a timber on top of it.

Engineered timber flooring Melbourne really offers a lot of benefits in your flooring needs. The biggest benefit that you can get in using this kind of flooring is that, it really uses a real timber as the top layer of the wood or board. This will allow you to refinish and sand the board just like you do with a traditional timber floor. This will also help you to efficiently remove scratches and some dents to your floor that will lead you to have a great and brand new finish. This kind of flooring is also comes with a pre finished clear coating that will allow you to install the floor faster.

Engineered timber flooring is available in many lengths depending on your needs. You will be able to choose the one that will best fit your flooring needs. Most of the boards are available in grove and tongue profile that will help you to precisely install it. This profile will also allow you to have a better contraction with the timber, so that the flooring can accommodate natural weather changes. This kind of flooring can also be put over on a level substrate like concrete, plywood, particle board and also old timber floor.

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