Why Is It Important To Polish Floorboards?

Floorboards are long planks that make up a floor of a building. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. They offer extra relief to those who suffer from allergies since they do not collect hair and dust like carpets usually do. Having them in your home gives it a personalized look and it is easier to clean than most flooring types, but like most of its flooring cousins it still needs regular maintenance if you still want it to look rich and beautiful.

You have to be cautious of getting your floorboards wet because they could warp and expand. Floorboards like hardwood would be damaged if there would be an event of any type of water leakage. Make sure you check for stagnant liquid in any parts of your floors. Never use vinegar and water if you are planning on cleaning your floorboards with it because then you would actually be cleaning off the chemical finish on the floors not the wood itself. The vinegar would act as an acid on the coating chemicals of the floors that make the floors shiny and smooth; if you keep mopping vinegar on it over time your floors would unfortunately leave you with a dull appearance and regret.

The design of floorboards is never constant because of how they age gracefully and they are known to last for a lifetime, that’s what makes them so unique and special. Although they become even more beautiful as time passes they still need polishing every 3-4 years because of how it is prone to scratching from heavy traffic, pet nails and high heeled foot wears. Floorboards also need maintenance to avoid pest attacks from those wood eating bugs that gnaw or borrow through wood, like termites and carpenter ants. Sometimes it is hard to find any signs of infestation so better call pest control just in case, you would not want your beautiful expensive floorboards to become feast to those little hungry critters, better safe than sorry.

Now that you know how floorboards get easily damaged you will notice the importance of polishing. Many dirt and bacteria would accumulate on dents plus having small dents would not look too good on your floors. Polishing can help get rid of all those scratches, dents and dirt; it also adds a covering to your floors for protection. Polishing is also cheaper than acquiring sanding services, which you will be forced to get if you do not properly maintain your floors. Get your floors polished it will be as good as new and it would be so rich and shiny you would not believe your eyes.

Floorboards are one of the most expensive flooring types but are worth it because they are unique and have a long shelf life they might even still serve as the best floors for your great grandchildren in the future. They are easily damaged if not taken care of properly which is why they need to be polished every 3-4 years to maintain its health and beauty.