Why Retire in Subic

Beaches, the people and a laid-back lifestyle have made Subic one of the top destinations for retirees. Here are the more reasons why you should consider this place too:

Get Healthy

As mentioned, Subic Bay is well known for their beaches. So, if you are love water, you should consider this place. Not only you can enjoy the sun and sand, but you can also be healthier because of the beach. The sea air has healthy negative ions that can boost your ability to absorb oxygen. The sounds of the waves balance the serotonin level, that affects hormones in your body, making you more relaxed. Living near the ocean also helps you sleep better, and can strengthen your immune system.


Whether you want to play golf, go fishing, try water sports, or boating, you can do all that when you are in Subic. They also have malls and restaurants nearby so you won’t be bored. As we get older, staying active will keep us healthier and happier and this is what you will experience if you will retire here.

No Traffic

City traffic cause stress and sickness. Luckily, you won’t experience that when you are here. The place has a wider road with lesser cars so you don’t need to get rush. There are also many public vehicles that are available if you want to commute. However, if you wanted to stroll around the place with your own car, you can also do that as there a lot of car dealers in Subic that you can contact anytime.

Lower Cost of Living

At the end of the day, you wanted to live in someplace where your money goes further. If you live in a place like Subic, your overall cost of living is lower and this allows you to do other things with your money like spend it on family, or give it to a charity. Moreover, because of the tourist, this is also a good place for to have a business so you can still grow your money.